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Monday Motivation: Destination Disease

Quote of the week: "Success is a journey...not a destination."

Happy Monday! Its been a minute...

As we enter into a new week...let's pause for a moment to reflect and take inventory on where we are and where we're headed. Often times, we fall into the trap of what some may call "Destination Disease" - the belief that happiness or success is only found at the end of a journey or after achieving a certain goal.

We think that once we finish that degree, move into a new house, start making more money etc, that we'll be happy...only to arrive to those destinations and not feel the emotions we planned for.

True happiness and success isn't a fixed point on a map, its found in the journey.

As you start your week, train yourself to find happiness in every stage in your journey. Every obstacle, every moment, it matters.

Your happiness isn't waiting at some distant point in the future. It's here, right now.


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