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About Me


Chelsea Ashley is a singer and songwriter who is set to take the music industry by storm with her soulful and mesmerizing voice.  Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, she has always had a passion for music and performing however her practical side led her down a different path initially as she pursued her career in real estate and property management.  

"Business is in my blood but singing is in my soul" she says. 

Since booking a one-way ticket to Los Angeles in 2017, Chelsea has planted her feet and started working on her debut album in 2022 with her team of renowned music producers and coaches.  Her sound is a unique blend of class R&B with a modern twist.  Her lyrics speak to the experiences of a woman finding her purpose, herself and love.

Despite being new to the music scene, Chelsea has already gained a following with her live performances and social media presence.  Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of her debut album.  With her business savvy and her soulful voice, Chelsea is poised to become a major player in the music world. 


What Got You Into the Music Industry?

"I always knew I could sing and participated in plays, choirs and talent shows as a kid but becoming an actual artist intimidated me so I chose the corporate world instead. 


What I've learned is that you can only ignore your purpose and calling for so long.  My answer is simple...I have finally answered my call." 

What's Your Message?

"I'm all about finding your purpose and executing it.  Your life should be filled fine tuning your habits and building your self, block by block to gradually evolve into your best self.  My message is self-improvement, self-love and wellness."


What Type of Music can Listeners Expect?

"My sound is unique.  Powerful but calming.  Sultry but tasteful.  I love, love...

I feel like we've lost the essence of true,  classic r&b music over the years.  That timeless music from the 80's and 90's that we still dance to but don't create in the studio.  True love is filled with various emotions but it always perseveres and it always wins.   

My goal is to make my listeners feel the love that I feel in my life."

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