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Woman of the Month: January '23

This months feature is Miss London King, owner and CEO of The Fabulous Factory, a Luxury Hospitality Group located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Who is London?

After moving from Missouri to Georgia, London continues to make a name for herself by mastering short term rentals via Airbnb. Her dedication to customer satisfaction continues to set her apart from her competition. London also owns a networking platform for women in business to come together and learn from each other called Mimosas and Business.

Not only has London dominated in her niche, she also teaches women how to excel in their own lane through her business coaching services.

We selected London this month because of her impact and consistency. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task and often has delayed results. Those who are able to navigate trial and error and simply "figure it out" regardless of circumstances should be recognized. Keep shining and keep winning, London - We see you!!!

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