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Woman of the Month: February '23

This months feature is Dr. Nishan Pressley, an African American optometrist located in Orlando, Florida.

Dr. Nish, a graduate from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, was the first African American to graduate from their Accelerated Scholars program. She now spends her time, educating and caring for her patients, one eye exam at a time.

With only 1.4% of optometrists being African American, Dr. Nish is certainly in a lane of her own and wants to help change that percentage for the next generation who may want to explore this field as well.

Not only is Dr. Nish thriving in her career, she has also built a prominent following on Instagram by spreading awareness about overall eye health and what preventative measures we can take to stay on top of our health, especially as it relates to eye care.

We selected Dr. Nish this month because of her impact and her tenacity. It can be difficult to show up and show out in a lane where there are not many others that look like you. We see you and pray for your continued success!

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