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Why I Decided to go to Therapy...

If you've been thinking about going to're not alone. I flirted with the idea for years but didn't think I needed it so I postponed it. Now that I've been in therapy for over a year - I wish I had signed up sooner.

We are all a sum of our childhood experiences. The way we interact with people, our relationships, our habits - good and bad, all stem from the ages we were sponges to our surrounding environment.

I've always been into self improvement and doing the work but it really clicked for me that I needed to see a therapist when I started noticing I was leaving people emotionally worse than when I met them. I had become the "hurt people; hurt people" example in my relationships, I always heard about and it was a hard pill to swallow.

I even lost someone I really cared about because I knew how to give love, but I didn't know how to receive love.

You should consider therapy if you:

  • Notice yourself repeating the same patterns over and over

  • Cut people off easily

  • Find it hard to maintain healthy friendships and relationships

  • Don't have good relationships with your parents

If one of those items apply to you, don't beat yourself up about it. Our goal in life should be to constantly be shaving off the negative layers and refining ourselves to get to our best self. That will forever be an ongoing project.



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