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Monday Motivation 120: "What's Your ETA?"

Quote of the week: “It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. What are we busy about?"

Happy Monday!

This week we are focusing on getting a bit more specific with the timeline of our plans. Yes, yes I know you have plans - but what does the timeline look like? Or have you thought about that? Are you being intentional with your goals or are they just plans that sound good?

There's an old riddle that goes something like this...if you give a kid 8 hours to clean their room, it will take them 8 hours. But if you give them 2 hours to clean, it will only take them 2.

This applies to your goals as well. If you gave yourself 2 years to cross a goal off your list, it will take you that long. But what if you stepped it up a notch? Exhausted all of your options to make it happen in 1 years, instead? How much closer would you be?

There will be always be a few elements out of our control but remember, the ball and the pace is in your court.


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