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Monday Motivation 119: "Detour Ahead"

Quote of the week: Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn't mean to take.”

Happy Monday!

We have all experienced moments in life where things didn't go according to plan. We set our expectations for a job, a person or maybe an experience and it just didn't work out like the picture we drew in our mind.

During these moments it can be hard to find any other perspective besides disappointment however what if the unexpected detour leads you to a place better than you prepared for?

This week, let's focus on keeping our vision steady but being flexible on the details in between. Maybe you thought you'd be married, have your degree, be a a homeowner, etc by now, but it just hasn't happened yet. Keep the vision!!! Its coming...

When we adjust our expectations and accept that time will do its thing, whether we like it or not - we end up learning to bask in the detours instead of trying to avoid them.

Keep the's coming.


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