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Monday Motivation 118: Need a Tune Up?

Quote of the week: "Your future is found in your daily routine. Successful people do daily, what others do occasionally."

Happy Monday!

This week we're focusing on locking in on our daily routine. From the moment you open your eyes every morning, you have a routine...whether its good or bad.

The truth is...our daily routine will never be perfect, however it can always be fine tuned. Now ask yourself, is your current daily routine working for or against your end goal? Are you producing the fruit you want?

Now that you've asked yourself that question...lets take some action steps this week to be more intentional with our days.

No need to wait until next week, here are a few practical steps you can start with today!

  • Choose 3 items you need to get done today - they can be don't need to solve world hunger in one day...just focus and finish them

  • Start your day 30 minutes early - early bird gets the worm...

  • Find a way to unplug towards the end of your day - we cannot be our best selves without resting and resetting.


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