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Monday Motivation 115: The Waiting Room

Quote of the week: "Opportunity doesn't make appointments, you have to be ready when it arrives." - Tim Fargo

Happy Monday!

This weeks focus is learning to walk in the steps of our next level, while we're waiting for it to arrive. We often don't get the luxury of extra time to prepare when our moment just happens, and sometimes without warning.

Right before our moment comes, there is a season of preparation. My question to you is - how are you spending your preparation season?

No need to sweat...but now that you know better you can choose to do better. Maybe your next step is leaving your current job to be a full-time entrepreneur. If that's your goal, what are you doing in this season to prepare for that? You should be training yourself now. Staying you don't have to get ready. That includes, walking, talking, working, reading, budgeting and operating like an entrepreneur.

Maybe your next level isn't career based but instead a bit more personal, perhaps being in a relationship. The same rule applies. How are you preparing for that next relationship?

You don't just wake up one day with the qualities you need for your next level...the attributes are built and refined, over time. Truth is, we may never be fully ready for what's next but we can prepare ourselves.

Spend this week honing in on what the next version of you speaks like, moves like and thinks like and start becoming that. Remember, preparation prevents poor performance...


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