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Monday Motivation 114: The Month of More

Quote of the week: "Reset, refocus, readjust, restart as many times as you need to."

Happy Monday and Happy May 1st!

As we start a new month, let's take a moment to simply, breathe. Take a few minutes to reflect and release, last month. Reflect on the moments you'd like to savor, new things you may have learned and new people you met.

Release what you thought would have happened by now, old situations that no longer serve you and the toxic thoughts we put on repeat that make you feel not good enough.

Now that we've reflected and released...lets refocus on May, the month of more.

This month, make a commitment to yourself to really press in...whatever that looks like for you. Less talking, more actions. More intentionality, less distractions. More movement, less complacency. Feel free to turn it up a notch in the areas in your life that you've put on autopilot.

I urge you to choose three things for the month that you'd like to accomplish (p.s. it doesn't have to be solving world hunger). After you choose your three things, spend the next four weeks, making them happen.

Lets leave the overthinking, stagnancy and self sabotage in April...May doesn't have space for them.


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