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Monday Motivation 113: Setting a New Standard

Quote of the week: "Your life cannot rise any higher than the standards you set or the company you keep." -Mandy Hale

Happy Monday! Have you checked your standards lately? If you're a reader, I urge you to check out "The Power of One More" by Ed Mylett...for today, lets get into the cliff notes.

The book talks about how we have an "identity thermostat" in our mind. Just like the thermostat in your home adjusts itself, depending on the also have an internal thermostat that you operate from.

If your fitness thermostat is at 40, you have low fitness standards. You workout when you feel like it, try to eat clean but don't really make it a priority etc. But maybe your career thermostat is at 90, you have high career standards. You come early, leave late and are an overall a hard worker.

This week, lets focus on raising your internal thermostat to excellence in all areas, not just when and with what you feel like doing. Once you begin to raise the bar for yourself, you set a new standard to operate from.

When you start pushing yourself to complete one more task per day, get up one hour earlier, build one more start setting a different standard for yourself. People can only respond to the standards you set.


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