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Monday Motivation 110: Your Direct Deposit Has Arrived...

Quote of the week: "Once you find your purpose, monetize it."

A few weeks ago we talked about purpose. We highlighted the fact that everyone on the planet has a reason that they're here and our life's goal is to figure out why.

Once we figure out why, we unlock a plethora of information and untapped levels of ourselves.

But did you know that your paycheck is found in your purpose, as well? Yes, you heard right...when God created us, He already had our streams of income figured out. This means...your purpose is also a payment portal filled with money, resources, opportunities, etc.

Let's circle back to your natural born gifts and talents...everything you're good or great at can be monetized. Either by doing it yourself or teaching someone else how to do it.

We sometimes get in the habit of overworking ourselves, negotiating on our sleep routines and chasing money when you and the money should be going in the same direction. Why would you need to chase it?

Instead of trying to maintain our 5 side hustles...let's focus this week on being intentional with the goals that align with our purpose. Once we tap into those...the dots organically begin connecting and the dollars make themselves.

Moral of the story: When we find our purpose, we find our paycheck.


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