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Monday Motivation 105: About Those New Years Resolutions...

Happy Monday!

Quote of the week: "You are what you do...not what you say you'll do." Carl Jung

This week is about shortening the distance between you and your goals. The financial stability, the house, the degree, the status, the not as far as it seems however these goals won't happen on their own.

As we're half way through the first quarter of the year...lets circle back to those New Years Resolutions you made on January 1st. For every goal you have, try creating a task list on how to get there. Every goal may be split into 5 steps to complete the goal. Breaking down your goals into smaller increments, shortens the distance.

Sometimes its not the goals that need adjusting, its the action steps.

Some tips to help with this:

  • Set quarterly goals (ex. increase revenue by 5k by the end of second quarter)

  • Give yourself a deadline for projects

  • Get an accountability partner

  • Get organized


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