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Monday Motivation 103: Who's at Your Table?

Quote of the week: “If you hang around people who act like you aren’t who you are, you'll forget who you are.” -Kanye West

This weeks focus is taking inventory of the people and the energy we spend the most time with. Our future is directly connected to the company we keep. In order for us to continue becoming our best self, the closest relationships to us should be intentional. Our circle should act as a charging station.

The unpopular reality we elevate -- so should our circle. This doesn't always mean leaving them behind (you be the judge of that). Sometimes we are truly just growing in different directions and that's okay.

As you start this week, think about your table. There are four seats and you take up one. Who takes up your three remaining seats and are they helping you to become your best self? If not, it may be time to make some seat changes. Your new level depends on it.


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